Criminal Law

Criminal law refers to the body of law that applies to all kinds of Criminal Acts. Such an act is done by any person which is criminalized by the Criminal law of the state. Criminal law can be either against State prosecuted by government or Individual cases prosecuted by Victims. We provide the best defense service in all kinds of criminal charges of criminal activity also in individual prosection we provide service to victims. Our team of lawyers researches the relevant legal rules and precedents that will be relevant to the cases for assured of cases. We concentrate our services on both Nepali and foreign clients thereby we support them to secure the protection of their rights and rightful interests.  In the area of Criminal  law, we mainly perform the following services :

  • Effective Legal Advisory during case proceeding 

  • Client counseling during detention for legal consultancy

  • Protection of minimum rights and use of privilege 

  • Drafting of case

  • Litigation of case