Civil Law

Civil law is the body of rules that protects private rights of citizens, offers legal remedy this law deals with behavior that constitutes harm to the individual or private property. Civil law covers areas like family law, property law, contract & tort law. Civil law cases are initiated by individuals and victims file a suit for charges state doesn’t proceeds or interfere in these personal cases. We provide a full service of civil law cases effectively related to land & other property disputes, will contracts, marriage registration, divorce, and any other family matters and domestic relations.

Our civil law department also drafts and negotiates, advises, and assists in many more civil activities. Gained experience and professional prerequisites acquired in Nepal enable our law office to provide legal services in the following areas.

  • Family Law:¬†
  • Marriage registration
  • Divorce, annulment, alimony, and settlements
  • Domestic violence and Physical abuse of spouse or children
  • Adoption and legal guardianship
  • Surrogacy and abduction of children
  • Child support and Custody¬†
  • Protection of assets
  • Transfer of property
  • Legal appraisal of property structure and identification of risky areas
  • Due diligence of contractual relations
  • Legal advisory for creditors during the execution of their right